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Reverie Luxury Box October 2016 : Unboxing And Review




Being a subscription box addict, I always subscribe to different boxes from different subscription services. But what I don't like about many of them , that is their 'one box for all' type outlook. And as I always love to try natural and cruelty-free products , I was looking for a subscription service that sends only natural products and the products might be according to my needs and choices. At this point, I was introduced to Reverie Box by a friend of mine, on twitter. And at once I contacted them and the result is the Reverie Box October Edition of which I am sitting to write reviews.


As much my knowledge goes,  Reverie Box is the first ever subscription box to deliver only cruelty-free products those are free of parabens, sulfates and many other dangerous chemicals.  If I am wrong, please correct me. It is a box filled with luxury products from premium brands which are selected according to your skin and hair concerns. When I ordered mine, they asked me some questions about my skin type, concerns, skin care routine and also about my favourite colour. They then have sent me the box, accordingly.


[caption id="attachment_1675" align="aligncenter" width="1639"]Subscription-box-beauty-organic Reverie Luxury Box October 2016[/caption]


My Reverie Box :

It is a white cardboard box the top lid of which is dark mauve and golden diamond prints with the word Reverie Luxury Box written in lemon yellow on the dark brown patch. So artistic to look at! And as I opened it, instantly my mind was refreshed to the wonderful smell of all herbs. The products weren't packed with any bubble wrap, though it was safely packed to prevent them from leaking or any damaging. Thank God they have reached safely.




What I Have Received :


1. Soap Square Herbal Handcrafted Soap - French Lavender With Shea Butter (couldn't find the price ):

It's a very tiny soap with refreshing scent what I like much. I think, it will nourish my skin in winter nicely. The transparent , brown colored soap is free from SLS, Paraben and cruelty.




2. Neev Royal Glow Kesar Badam Cream (15 gms @ Rs 80/-):

It's a night cream for all skin types, though seeing the ingredients, like almond oil, sesame oil and castor oil and various essential oils and herbs , I am sure that it will be a super duper hit night cream. I must write a full review on it.




3. Namaste Jasmine Scented Candle( RS 199/-)

The candle has an exotic, refreshing scent that I am going to use at my body massage sessions.





4. Roots Magique Mud Pure Clarifying Face Mask( 30 gm, couldn't find the price ):

It's a dry mask which you are supposed to mix with water to make a thick paste. It is advised to go for a patch taste since it is organic and potent that may cause sensitivity to some skin. Though my skin is super sensitive, I have seen that it never shows any sensitivity to natural and chemical free products. Wait, friends for a  detailed review.






5. VanaVidhi Saint Pure Thai Spa Lemongrass Foot Cream And Scrub  ( 50 gms each @1400/-):

You might be thinking why I have put the two in one column. Actually, I think it should be always used together to get the maximum benefit. These are the products which I was very much excited about. Because of the brand which is not only a premium one but if you once visit their website, which is paradise online you will immediately understand why I was so excited. It deserves a detailed review.





6. Junaili Apricot Face Oil (30 ml @Rs 400/-):

It is an anti-aging face oil which is advised to use at night. The oil is the only product, I have started using. I was a bit skeptical before started using it, as it is written that the oil is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, when mine is combination to oily. But after using, I have been too impressed. Why ? Surely I will share, but in a different and detailed post. This amazing product needs more attention, so wait dear all for the next post.





So , these are the goodies I have received in my Reverie Box, this month. They have sent a discount voucher also from the brand Ayca. I am really very happy with the box and going to subscribe again for 3 months.

I recommend you also to subscribe to experience the natural skincare products which do not contain any harmful chemicals from the rare , premium but pure brands. subscribe here

Till next post, bye friends. Happy shopping. If anyone of you has subscribed and received yours, please share here your feelings.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.



PLEASE NOTE : It's not any paid review or sponsored post.




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  3. The product is really good. But it's useful for dry and normal skin. As I have combination skin I can use it on during winter.

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