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My September Favourites From Brihans Natural Products Limited



A new season means to make room for new products and to set aside the old ones on which we rely upon all those wet summer days. Before getting my hands on the new products suitable for dry winter climate I want to go for a quick recap of those products that occupied my beauty regimen throughout September. Yes, I am telling about those three products, Green Leaf Aloe Vera Face Wash Gel, Green Leaf Aloe Vera Skin Gel and Green Leaf Foot Care Cream, sent by Brihans Natural Products write reviews on them. And those are my September favorites without which it was really difficult to survive with my combination to oily skin in that humid weather.I sweat a lot and that leads to obvious acne, breakout, rashes etc. But, they are now history. I think you might be in a jiffy to know about them. Ok, let me jump into the topic directly.



You all know that Brihans is the brand that is working with the products that are formulated with the natural ingredients to make all the products effective and safe for our skin. If you want to know about Brihans, please visit here.






Green Leaf Aloe Vera Foot Cream is the most favorite of the three. Though all the three products are wonderful, this one remains on my top list, as it is the product that you can use all year long and it is suitable for all skin types. The key ingredients of the cream are aloe vera and kokum butter which are widely known for their anti-bacterial  and moisturizing properties.These two have amazing effects on the dry and damaged skin. So does the foot cream. Actually, I have started using the cream from the end of July and am still using. The result is soft and hydrated feet. My cuticles are moisturized  and the best effect I am seeing that my nails are stopped getting cracked or split which were my main issues. I apply the foot cream anytime I wash my  feet and mandatorily before going to bed at night. I also use it as the foot massage cream during my pedicure sessions. The brand claims that it repairs the cracked heels too. But, I can't say anything about it, as I don't have that problem. But, using the cream I can assure you that it will solve that problem also. To read the full review visit here .

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This is a multitasking face gel. I have a combination skin and you know that combination skin acts as oily during summers. And I sweat a lot. In wet weather, my skin always looks like a pan of oil, greasy, pale with rashes, redness, and also itching and the worst thing is tiny red bumps on the face, especially the T-zone area. I was too depressed with all these and that's why summers come to me like a nightmare. Now, the situation is just opposite. I am quite happy with my matte, clear and flawless look. This magic is done with Green Leaf Aloe Vera Skin Gel. I use it twice in the morning and at night. It is very easy to apply and nicely absorbed into the skin, giving you an instant glow. I also use the gel post waxing  and when I am traveling or staying under the Sun for long hours or whenever I experience any redness or itchiness on my skin. I literally feel like I have kept an ice-pack on my skin.But, now when my skin is showing dryness in winter, I cannot use it alone. I have to combine it with another moisturizer. That's why I have put it in the second place of  the list. Though the brand claims that it is suitable for all skin types, but my advice is the dry skin girls to use it with a moisturizer with the help of layering. You can use it as the face serum on the top layer use your favorite moisturizer. Read the full review here.

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It is a wonderful face wash that also exfoliates the dead skin cells. I use it twice in the morning to wash off oils and after coming back from work-place as the after sun wash gel. It has given me clean and clear look and has removed all sun tans. During my Puja holidays, at the beginning of this month, I went for a trip and traveled a lot, but you can't see it on my face. I took it with me, though its packaging is not travel-friendly, but I had to carry to look beautiful. Haha. Would it come in a tube, would be easy to carry. To read the detailed review visit here.

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Now, what I want to say about the three that they are worth praising. And I recommend you to buy, as they really work well. They are not at all expensive, and all are made from natural ingredients. Buy from FlipkartAmazon and



If you have any queries about them, you can ask me here. Did anyone use them? If so, please share your experiences. Stay here, as more reviews are coming. Thanks  for reading. 


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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