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A Review : Fuschiavkare Green Tea Face And Body Scrub

I love Fuschiavkare products, not because that they have sent me some good products to write reviews on them and I am compelled to write good words about those products. I have been using goodies from this brand for almost 1 year, before receiving these 3, Arjuna Bark handmade soap, face brightening gel and the green tea face and body scrub about which I am writing a review today. Fuschiavkare products are very soft and creamy but they don't leave any greasy effect on the skin. All of them are skin friendly and free of harsh chemicals, cruelty-free. Now let me tell you about this wonderful scrub.


There is a popular misconception that, "Scrubs will damage my delicate skin, leading to rashes, redness or will make my skin rough." But the reality is, scrubbing is essential to get rid of dead skin cells from our skin. The dead cells are accumulated on our skin due to pollution, dust, smoke and all environmental hazards. If these are not cleaned time to time, it will lead to clogged pores and inevitable acne, pimples etc. They will also age our skin faster by blocking the blood circulation. Scrubbing reduces tan or blemishes which are caused by the sun rays. So,it is essential to scrub our body and face at least once a week. That is why when Fuschiavkare sent me this Green Tea Face and Body Scrub, it made me so happy that with one product I can remove the dead cells from my face and body both and look beautiful.


Fuschiavkare is an organization run by a group of doctors. The products, they manufacture and sell, are totally SLS free, paraben free, cruelty-free, handmade and are absolutely natural. That is why their tag line is 'WE CARE'. You can see the details of this brand here.


[caption id="attachment_1393" align="aligncenter" width="333"]img_20161004_210411_ Fuschiavkare Green Tea Face and Body Scrub[/caption]





Aloe vera

Olive oil

Wheat germ oil

Green tea


The product comes in a transparent plastic tub with a metal screw cap on the top of which green colored sticker is pasted. On it, the product name and ingredients are written in dark green. The scrub is very soft and creamy textured with nanogranules. It has a sweet aroma which comes and soothes the mind immediately you smell it.





I have got a sample size of 50 grams with no price is written on it. So I cannot tell you exactly the price of it but visiting their website I got the idea that you can get it for INR 400 of 100 grams. Buy here. Fuschia products are available on major online shopping portals as well.






The first thing I want to say about it is that the application of the scrub is very easy. It is so soft that when I apply it on my face and body I didn't feel any irritation and itching. A very little amount can go long. Though it is too creamy, I didn't feel any greasiness or oiliness on my combination to oily skin. It removes the dirt and impurities so nicely that instantly after using I experienced a rejuvenated, smooth and evened out skin. My body skin was so hydrated that I need not apply any body lotion after my bath. When I saw the creamy texture I thought it will lead to much sweating and as I sweat a lot, I was skeptical about the product, 'Should I use it during this wet summer weather?' But honestly speaking I did not sweat a little. So in a word the product is wonderful. Only one con about this product is its price.

BY RATING: 4/5 because of its price.

Shall I buy it again? Sure and I want to stock many other products including these 3 I received from them. Though all the products are pricey, but to have something amazing you have to sacrifice. So let me make a big hole in my purse, I must buy. And I am also recommending you to buy them to get a radiant and healthy glow on your face and body.

Have you tried any product from them? Please feel free to share your experiences here in the comment section. 

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Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

Special note:

What I have written above is my own view. The pictures are taken by me only.

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