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6 Very Easy Tips To Get Radiant Glow On Your Skin



It is the dream of every woman to look beautiful. And looking beautiful demands  a healthy, radiant and flawless skin. To get it we always rush behind expensive cosmetic products or empty our purses in the beauty salons for costly spa, facial and all. I am not saying that they are not necessary, but they are not the only necessities. If you spare some time for you by including some ingredients from your kitchen into your beauty regimen, you can easily get a healthy and radiant skin. I know, you are very busy with your home, work, kids, family. But what is the harm  loving yourself or spending very little time with yourself? Believe me, it will make you happier, more confident and you can handle your responsibilities with much ease. These homemade recipes can control your pocket and protect your skin from harsh chemicals,  used by the cosmetics brands. Now, let me share with you some easy homemade tips.


It is difficult to get any kitchen without milk and honey. What you have to do, mix one tsp. each of honey and milk in a small bowl. Now, take a cotton ball, dip it into the mixture and rub it on the face and neck, keep for 5 mins and wash off with normal water to get healthy and glowing skin instantly. It is said that Queen Cleopatra would use this mixture in her beauty regimen. Both of them are the great natural moisturizer. Milk is good for toning and soothing the skin, whereas honey with its antibacterial properties heals acne and any other skin infections. Use the cleanser twice, in the morning and evening.


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After cleansing, toning is essential to remove the last traces of impurities and oil from face. It also maintains the skin's pH balance, reduces the redness of the skin, calms the irritated skin and helps to get rid of acne, dermatitis, eczema.

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Do you  love coffee? So, I am quite sure that you will like it. Mix two tbs. of coffee with coconut oil( take adequate amount to dip the coffee properly). Your body scrub is ready. Apply it all over your body, rub gently for 2-3 mins and wash off with normal water. This scrub will remove the dead cells, deeply nourishes the skin, and leaves you with healthy, glowing complexion. Here, you must give special care to elbow, knees, neck and back.


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Do you know Bengal Gram Flour (besan) which we generally use to make pakodas is a wonderful skin lightening agent? And if you add milk and turmeric in it, that  will be a super duper hit scrub for face and body. The turmeric, you will use here, must be a paste you make it with raw turmeric.But, if you will not get that much time, don't worry, skip it. Don't use the powdered one. Mix all the ingredients well, apply on face and body,  leave for at least 15 mins and wash off. Here, I haven't written the quantity, leaving that to you, but take adequate amount.Gram Flour removes the tan and dead cells. Milk nourishes and  also removes the tan and blemishes. Turmeric, as an antiseptic reduces acne and scar. If you skip turmeric, use honey instead.The whole pack softens the dry skin, giving you a healthy glow.


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In the morning and at night before going to bed, apply raw aloe vera on your skin. This magical herb can do wonder to your skin. It can treat a number of skin problems from flaky or dry skin to skin aging, sun- burn, acne, pimples, cosmetic ailments and much more.


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Apply 1tsp. lemon juice and 4/5 drops honey or 1tsp. coconut water or plain water on your face, keep for 5 mins and wash off. Get vibrant skin. Rub the lemon peels on your nails, get soft and glowing nails every day.


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Now, beautiful ladies get  ready for the festivals. Navratri is on the track now and Diwali is on the way. Groom yourself with these easy, but effective tips and steal the show. Happy Navratri and Durga Puja to you all. πŸ’•πŸŽ†πŸ’–πŸŽ‡


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay


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