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A Unique Kajal From Organic_Homemade_Makeup






I do less makeup or no makeup at all. But, I never forget two things,whenever I step out, one is kajal and the other is lipstick.Actually, I love kajal and this love I have inherited from my mother who, I can easily remember, would make kajal for me on her own. since then, I always like to go for natural homemade kajal. You all know that whenever there comes a question of any product, skin care or hair care or makeup, I always rush behind the natural or organic products. So, as I got in my hand this homemade kajal from Organic_Homemade_Makeup, a store on Instagram, I didn't look back. Visit the store here.


Why Women Wear Kajal:

From centuries, the women, especially the Indian women, use kajal to look more beautiful and attractive. Actually,  women love to wear makeup, not only to look attractive, or feel confident, but they love experimenting with their looks and colours to express themselves also. The main and most effective part of makeup is eye makeup, where they do the most experiments to look more attractive. If the eyes are done properly, it will enhance her beauty. Kajal instantly highlights  your eyes and gives a dreamy look to them. It is also believed that kajal can keep eyes cool and healthy, and it protects the eyes from infections and sun rays, though I don't know it has any scientific basis or not. But if it is so, you will get all these benefits, if your kajal is homemade and is made hygienically. But, in our busy schedule,  we can hardly get time to take all these hassles and making kajal at home is time-consuming too. So the best option for it to pick up one from a store where it is made naturally and hygienically. One such store is Organic_Homemade_makeup on Instagram.


This store on Instagram is famous for its natural homemade and skin friendly skincare and makeup products. They don't use any harsh chemicals and toxins, so when you use them, you use comfortably . These products don't damage your skin and also don't give any sensitivity on your skin too. They claim it and I do have the proof of their honesty, as I am using many products from the store. They are soft, light and delicate in texture also.



The Kajal:

The kajal is deep dark powder like texture. It is very soft and can be glided very easily. It gives a dramatic, but soft look to the eyes. the kajal comes in a tiny, transparent jar with a screw cap.



 It costs INR 125 only. So it does not make any hole to your purse.

My Experience:

Now it is the time to say how I feel about the kajal. I love it. this is my first reaction. Before I used kajal from different brands. I did change the brands one after another, but sorry to say none of them could satisfy me. When I use herbal ones they cause dark circles under eye area and I looked like suffering from any severe illness. They  bleed easily , as my eyes are wet. On the other hand, when I did opt for any chemical one, they would cause sensitivity to my eyes. I was really fed with all of them.But in the midst of all these hazards, I got this one and now I am really happy. I have no complaints against it. As I wear it, it does not create any dark circles, doesn't bleed and stays for long. I wear it every day , go to my workplace, stays for 5/6 hours and I never need to go for any touch-up.


Tip To Use:

You can use the kajal, by sticking a first aid tape under your eyes and cover your cheeks with tissue paper, so that the powder will fall on the tissue and protect your cheeks getting black. Once you are done remove them all. Apply the kajal with any blunt stick or by the tail end of your makeup brush. All these tips are given by the store owner, but I don't use any first aid tape or tissue paper. I take a brush and apply kajal and all are done with very ease, there is no falling off the product on anything. And removing it is very easy too. Just take a cotton ball, pour some rose water on it and remove the kajal with one glide. there will be no residue.


As I am using and have decided to use forever, I'll request you to buy once this kajal and you will never opt for any other available in the market and you will thank me for this advice.Buy here

BY Rating: 5/5

So, when are you buying this ? If anyone of you already has been using it, please share your experiences here in the comment below.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay


All the above views are exclusively my own views. It is not any sponsored article. The pictures above are all taken by me and no one is permitted to use it.


Don't use kajal in the eyes of babies because it will harm their delicate eyes.

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  1. Looks good but with all that fall out I might not prefer it for everyday purpose.
    Nicely reviewed :)

  2. But I use it everyday, no falling is there. I don't even use any tissues or anything. I just use as the other kajals I apply.

  3. […] Do you want to know I am going to repurchase or not?  Yeah, I must repurchase it as I will finish this and I have become a lifetime buyer of the wonderful stuff. And I strongly recommend you to visit the page on Instagram and order . And the person behind the store is also very nice. She is always there for you to reply any of your queries. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab it and start using and share your experiences here in the comment section. Buy here […]

  4. Wow this looks like a marvel product! I have wet waterline issues this seems to be a great one but I scare away from buying makeup/skin products online

    Come visit us soon
    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  5. Glad to know that you have liked it. Thanks.

  6. Lovely picture! I also can have sensitive eyes, because I wear contact lenses, so I stick to some brands, that I know are Ok with my eyes, and I must say, I loooove kajal! I many times wear lehengas or kurtis and then put kajal and I feel like a princess, no joke! Hope you have a very nice day!

  7. Thanks that you have liked it. So sweet of you princess