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A Review: Fuschia Arjuna Bark Natural Handmade Soap


I generally don't use bar soaps. But when Fuschia by Vkare sent me one bar, Fuschia Arjuna Bark Natural Handmade Soap to write a review on it, I thought "ok, let's have a try". I started and have been using for almost one week . Now I am the fan of this one, I am really impressed with this gentle and soft soap. It's an amazing one. Let me share my experiences about the soap with you.

Fuschiavkare has been introduced by VKARE Biosciences Ltd. to take care of our skin concerns. And after using their products, I can say that they are successful in their mission. Their dedication and devotion are unquestionable. Brand Fuschia has offered so many varieties of handmade soaps, honestly speaking I never heard of any other brand to do that, maybe I am wrong. From their huge variations, I have received this Arjuna Bark Natural Handmade Soap. Now,let me tell about the soap.





Vegetable Glycerine Base, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Arjuna Bark Extract.

PRICE: INR 225 /100 gm.


It is a dark brown colored rectangular bar comes in a pretty off-white wrap on which brand name is written in fuschia color and other information are written in black.



The Arjuna Bark, as a powerful anti-oxidant is good for skin. It's astringent properties, prevents acne. So, it can be said that the soap is good for them who are badly suffering from body acne.


As I told before that I don't like to use bar soaps,so I was too excited to use this one. The first thing I don't like about bars that they make your skin dry and you may experience itching and flaky skin. But as I saw the ingredients, I was sure that it will not dry my skin.And it has happened too. It does not yield any fluffy lather. After taking the bath, I feel hydrated and its light texture does not create any sensitivity to my sensitive skin.It has a very gentle but sweet smell, I think that is due to the coconut oil.It has made my skin really soft and shiny. Any skin type girl can use it. As its main ingredient, coconut oil is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties , it is very hygienic too. So at the end, I can tell you that this soap has changed my view about the bar soaps. Now, as I shall finish this one I am going to buy other variants too, along with this one. I am requesting you to buy this one, you  will also be a fan of the soap.I assure you must feel the difference after one or two wash.

BY RATING: 4/5.Though the soap is really good, but I can not give it 5 stars because of its price.It is too pricey, though instead of that, I must repurchase it and will request the brand to consider the price once.

Let me know, once you buy. If anyone has already used it please share your experiences here. Waiting for your comments. Till then bye. Visit here again, as I am coming shortly with more articles on fashion, lifestyle and obviously beauty too. Happy shopping !


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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  1. Yeah. It's nice product. Do try once.

  2. Looks like a good soap :)

  3. Thank you that you have stopped by. Yes, it's really a good one.💕 A must try.

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