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A Review : Brihans Green Leaf Foot Care Cream With Aloe Vera

               We always take care of our skin and hair honestly, but the most important part of our body, the feet are neglected the most. We all tend to take our feet for granted. Proper footcare is important for everyone, not because they look nicer, but it will make you physically and emotionally healthy. With the proper care you will get rid of many problems, such as Cracked Heels, Dry Skin, Athletes foot and it will also prevent aching and fatigue to your feet. You don't need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet. Spending a few minutes a day on footcare and choosing the right shoes can keep you free from all those problems. Wash your feet everyday with warm water or you can go for a foot bath by soaking your feet in warm water, mixed with any liquid soap. Scrubbing once in a week is also effective for removing dead cells . But the most important part of the footcare is to moisturise your feet twice daily with a good foot cream . Before buying a footcream, you should ensure that the cream should contain the ingredients those help the healing process for dry and cracked feet and add deep hydration and nourishment to the feet to give you relief. Recently, I have come across one such a foot cream , sent to me by Brihans Natural Products Ltd.  It's green leaf foot cream with aloe vera gel and kokum butter as its key ingredients. Let me share you my experiences about the cream so that you can have a clear idea about what to buy and why.


As we know that Brihans Natural Products Ltd aim at replacing the chemical active ingredients , used in many skincare and haircare products with 100% natural active ingredients to give their consumers naturally beautiful and healthy skin and hair. Green Leaf Foot Care Cream also contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and kokum butter which are known for their healing and moisurising properties on dry and damaged skin. As the brand claims that this foot cream rehydrates skin , removes the dead tissues and repairs the basal skin layer , and even guards against excessive itching and inflammations. Aloe Vera repairs the cracked heels, protects feet from fungus infection, sooths the sore feet and removes odour. Where kokum butter promotes regeneration of the skin, heals fissures on the feet , helps nail growth, moisturises cuticles and makes the feet soft.


Aloe vera extract, Tea-tree-oil, Kokum butter.


The product has come in a white round shaped plastic tub that gives it a smart and cute look. The white cream is thick textured, but not sticky or greasy. You can apply it very easily and right after the application it is absorbed into the skin. Green Leaf Foot Care Cream has a gentle and sweet flowery smell which is very refreshing.


Before applying the foot cream, you must clean your feet with lukewarm water , because dirty feet can cause serious infections. Pat dry. Now apply sufficient quantity twice daily , immediately after bath and before going to bed. You can use it as foot massage cream, if you go pedicure at home.


The 50 gms tub costs 80 rupees. I must say it's really cheap.



If you ask me how I feel, my answer is the cream is simply superb. I apply it twice daily and have been using it for about one month. The skin of my feet was too dry . It has now become soft and smooth and I feel the hydration the whole day. Honestly speaking, I don't have cracks on my feet. So I can't say how it will work on them. But as the foot cream has softened my skin, I can understand that it will also be benefitted to the cracked heels.  I will repurchase it after finishing this one  and strongly recommend you to buy the green leaf foot cream. To buy go to :
Shopping India Times

BY RATING : I'll give Brihans green leaf foot cream 5/5 stars , as I haven't seen any con in it.


Till then bye friends. Stay tuned for next reviews. Happy shopping. 💕💖

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


All the comments I have made above ,  are solely my own personal views , no pressure is there on me to write the article. The pictures I have used here taken by me , no one can use it without my permission.

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  1. Wowww so reasonable n looking really effective foot cream as per ur review..i hav cracked heels thats why m interested in this..ll surely try this..

  2. […] Green Leaf Aloe Vera Foot Cream is the most favorite of the three. Though all the three products are wonderful, this one remains on my top list, as it is the product that you can use all year long and it is suitable for all skin types. The key ingredients of the cream are aloe vera and kokum butter which are widely known for their anti-bacterial  and moisturizing properties.These two have amazing effects on the dry and damaged skin. So does the foot cream. Actually, I have started using the cream from the end of July and am still using. The result is soft and hydrated feet. My cuticles are moisturized  and the best effect I am seeing that my nails are stopped getting cracked or split which were my main issues. I apply the foot cream anytime I wash my  feet and mandatorily before going to bed at night. I also use it as the foot massage cream during my pedicure sessions. The brand claims that it repairs the cracked heels too. But, I can’t say anything about it, as I don’t have that problem. But, using the cream I can assure you that it will solve that problem also. To read the full review visit here . […]