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Review : Brihans Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel

 Aloe Vera, the blessing of nature, works miraculously for all types of skin. From healing to enhancing, aloe vera works like a wonder. It prevents wrinkles, lightens blemishes, suntans, maintains skin's natural pH balance, reduces acne and heals minor burns cuts , wounds. 

It is heard that Cleopatra herself used to consider it in her beauty treatment. You can use aloe vera either externally on your skin or hair , or can drink aloe vera juice to keep yourself healthy. This is the reason why many skin care brands use aloe vera gel in their skincare products. Such a skincare product is Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel from Brihans Natural.



Here , I am going to share some words about this excellent face gel. But before that, I wish to let you know about the brand Brihans Natural Products Ltd  who has brought such a product to us.


Brihans Natural Products Ltd has established new standards for making 100% natural products in the most modern way. Their products are formulated with natural active ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, tea-tree-oil etc. , giving their consumers naturally beautiful and healthy skin and hair. So it has become obvious that their product green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel must be a natural one with the natural active ingredient . And the main ingredient is 90 % aloe vera which means that the skin gel is almost the plant itself.

The gel comes in a fat , pitcher-shaped , transparent , plastic tub with a white screwed lid. The gel looks light neon green when looking through the tub. As you take out in your hand, it's transparent and clear . It has a sweet smell that doesn't irritate the sensitive nose of mine.


The product is much inexpensive too. It costs 100 INR for 120 gms.

Now, listen what the brand says about the green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel. They recommend it to use regularly to make the skin supple and rejuvenated , as it reduces roughness and amount of peeling of the skin. The gel gives a cooling and soothing effect and helps cure sunburn and rashes of the skin. It regenerates new tissues as it promotes healthy cell division and also heals minor cuts, wounds and burns. In case of the acne, not only reduces the inflammations but takes care of any damage caused. As it's a gel, doesn't clog pores and retains moisture in the skin.

Let me share now, how I am feeling after using Brihans green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel. I have been using it twice daily for two weeks. I use in the morning as the day moisturiser under my sunscreen lotion and in the evening as night cream. 

Mine is a combination skin and in hot and humid weather it acts as an oily skin giving acne, redness, rashes etc. But now I am really amazed by seeing the effects of the gel on my face. Firstly, my acnes vanished and I don't see any breakouts on my face. It has brightened my face and added a clear glow. I use the gel after cleansing and toning, and as I apply it , I feel refreshed and relaxed. It offers a cooling impact on my face that I really appreciate. I feel hydrated the whole day and night too. 

Another effective use of the gel is after the waxing done. Many of you may have experienced some infections, rashes, red bumps or itching post waxing. Here the gel works. It calms the skin and also heals other hazards. You can use it as the makeup base , as me , to protect your skin from harsh chemicals of the makeup products. So what do you think? Is it not a multitasking stuff? I think so dear beauties . That's why I am going to repurchase it as I  will finish this and I advise you to buy once and you will never wish to lose it. But you may be thinking where you are going to purchase. Yes, they are here.

Flipkart  , amazon ,

So , are you buying  Brihans green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel?  As you buy please share your experience here in the comment section.  And  stay tuned for more reviews. Till then bye friends.

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Please note :

What I have written above, fully my own views. No one has forced me to write this way.  All the pictures are my own.  No one can use it without my permission. The brand logo I have downloaded from the brand website.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay


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  1. This product is so amazing.I always search for aloe plan in every one's house but after ur rrview on this I will buy it amd use it drfinately👌👌

  2. If you buy and user once you will never opt for other gels.

  3. […] This is a multitasking face gel. I have a combination skin and you know that combination skin acts as oily during summers. And I sweat a lot. In wet weather, my skin always looks like a pan of oil, greasy, pale with rashes, redness, and also itching and the worst thing is tiny red bumps on the face, especially the T-zone area. I was too depressed with all these and that’s why summers come to me like a nightmare. Now, the situation is just opposite. I am quite happy with my matte, clear and flawless look. This magic is done with Green Leaf Aloe Vera Skin Gel. I use it twice in the morning and at night. It is very easy to apply and nicely absorbed into the skin, giving you an instant glow. I also use the gel post waxing  and when I am traveling or staying under the Sun for long hours or whenever I experience any redness or itchiness on my skin. I literally feel like I have kept an ice-pack on my skin.But, now when my skin is showing dryness in winter, I cannot use it alone. I have to combine it with another moisturizer. That’s why I have put it in the second place of  the list. Though the brand claims that it is suitable for all skin types, but my advice is the dry skin girls to use it with a moisturizer with the help of layering. You can use it as the face serum on the top layer use your favorite moisturizer. Read the full review here. […]