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Natural Bath And Body Mango Mandarin Body Scrub :A Review

Hi beauties,

                    We all know that nowadays when the air is too much polluted, a body scrub is a must in our beauty regimen. Body scrubs not only exfoliate the dead cells from our skin, but leave us fresh and relaxed too. Our skin looks rejuvenated and revitalised. One such body scrub is Natural Bath and Body Mango Mandarin Body Scrub. It's a combo of  magical mandarin oil and mango butter, with cane sugar.

The brand claims that the scrub is an ideal feast for our skin , as it is  loaded with  vitamins and antioxidants. It keeps the skin hydrated and promotes cell regeneration. Powdered cane sugar is a great exfoliator that provides cell turnover, leaving the skin sillier, smoother and softer.


Cane sugar, apricot oil , avocado oil , safflower oil , vergin coconut oil, mango butter, sweet almond oil , olive oil, castor oil , walnut granules, vitamin C, silk protein, river sand , isopropyl, panthenol , sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

 As the main active ingredients are mandarin oil and mango butter, let me tell you about the benefits of the two on our skin. Firstly, mandarin oil , the best of essential oils, is an excellent stuff.

Mandarin oil is extracted from the outer peel of the fruit. It's a part of the orange family commonly found in South America, Southern Europe and Japan. It is golden yellow in colour and a fresh citrus aroma with enumerable benefits on our skin. Loaded with vitamin C, it cures the skin disorders, maitains moisture balance and diminishes blemishes, suntans, scars, stretch-marks and fat cracks.

Another one is mango butter, a new name in natural skincare world.

It soften and sooths the skin, combats dry skin eczema and dermatitis. The butter protects skin from UV rays, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is the reason why many skincare brands are using mango butter in their lotions and creams.

 Cane sugar is a excellent exfoliator, that exfoliates , softens and freshens up the skin. There are variety of essential oils which leaves our skin silkier, smoother and healthier.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰HOW TO USE πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ

Scoop out the required amount and apply on the wet body , massage for 2/3 mns with soft hand and wash off with slightly warm water. Always it's effective to wash by lukewarm water after scrubbing.


I have got sample size in my o my bag! The full size 200 ml costs rupees 625.


I use it thrice only. But I  have so much impressed with it . First of all the scrub is very easy to apply due to its creamy texture. Look at it. . . .

I usually use the scrubs in the evening after coming back from work. Scrubbing is a renewal process of the skin and it makes the skin sensitive to UV rays and pollution. So use in the evening. As I massage, instantly I can see all the impurities coming out and gives the glow we all wish to get. The skin becomes softer, smoother and hydrated. I usually use body lotions after bath. But after scrubbing by mandarin mango scrub I didn't feel like using any . After using thrice, now I am seeing my tans have been much reduced. So I must repurchase the full size one , though it's bit pricey . But if I think of its benefits I can say that it's worth buying. And at the same time Natural Bath and Body is a brand whose products are all paraben and sulfate free . There are no harsh chemicals in their products. So they are in my must-buy list.

πŸ‘©Rating πŸ‘©

 The BY rating is 5/5.. as I haven't seen any con in it.


I am recommending all beauties, use the scrub once . You will find it beneficial for your skin. Your skin will be glower and healthier .

Please feel free to comment below. If you will have any queries, ask me in the  comment section.

Buy then . Happy scrubbing and be beautiful.

Note: the picturesof mandarin oil and mango butter are saved from Google

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  1. Ya Body scrub are must now.I love ur reviews bczz the words r so simple and the way u tell about the product r mind blowing.

  2. […] The sugar crystals are coarse enough but don’t irritate the skin at all, rather exfoliates nicely. After washing off you feel super-hydrated, soft, smooth and can see a glow on your skin. It’s a must try in winter and you need not use any body lotion or cream after using the scrub. But I am not recommending you (especially the oily or combination skin) to use during summer and monsoon. Moreover, the product is natural and organic and are not tested on animals. Natural Bath & Body has another wonderful body scrub. To know about that visit the post  Natural Bath And Body Mango Mandarin Body Scrub :A Review. […]