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It was not many years ago when most people felt uncomfortable to shop online using their credit cards or giving their personal details to those sites. But now the scenario has almost changed. Online shopping is getting more and more popular now. It's become a much easier way to shop considering that it doesn't even require you to leave your house. And as a result a lot of brands now market their products online and a great percentage of people are interested in buying what they sell. As the field is growing faster, the new online stores are coming up everyday. They sell a variety of products from apparels to electronics items, from grocery to beauty products and many more. One such an e-commerce site is Aplava.com. This start-up sells specially the beauty products.


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Aplava (pronounced "AApLuv" in original Sanskrit) derives its name from Sanskrit origin which means taking a bath to purify oneself. So just as the name suggest Aplava wants to give us an experience of devine purity.

The Mission :

Aplava.com is a start-up that believes in the personalized beauty, providing a professional team of dermatologists and beauty advisors who recommend its consumers the products based on their personal skin types or skin concerns. You can also ask their experts any of your beauty related questions to get useful tips.


How It Works :

As you step into the site you'll see the start here button, press the button you'll enter the page showing three steps, the first step of which is to create your own Beauty Profile. Here you will be asked some questions to define your skin type, skin concerns, hair type, hair concerns. As you answer all of them you will get your beauty profile ready. Then you sign up and get all the recommendations from the beauty experts. Now you can shop the products according to your choice and budget. They provide with you a lot of brands in national and even international which you rarely see on other e-commerce sites. The exciting feature of the store is the prestige point. As you sign up for Aplava you earn prestige points. When you shop there, these points transform to cash discounts. Your every login will get you these prestige points. Here the consumer can enjoy heavy discounts and freebies also. After shopping the payment procedure is also very easy. You can pay by net banking or credit card or debit card or through paytm wallet. Cash-on-delivery is also available.


My shopping experience on Aplava.com :

As I visited the site, I go for the first step that is building my beauty profile. It was an amazing experience. The profile was made according to my each and every skin and hair concern. After signing up when I got the recommendations, they were just as I needed. They have a varied range of brands from where I picked up only three products according to my needs. I must say here shopping experience is quite easy and buyer-friendly. They also provide free shipping. Their packaging also was great. All the products were doubly wrapped in bubble-wraps. But if they would provide more brands I would be more happy. And they should reduce their minimum free shipping amount also. Overall my shopping experience with Aplava was pretty good and I will definitely return to the store and purchase more. I strongly recommend you to try Aplava once. Online beauty products

BY Rating : 4.5/5


They have introduced on their site women hair care tools, like hair driers, staighteners etc on heavy discounted prices. So go and shop Hair dryer price. Please share your shopping experiences on Aplava.com with me here. Happy shopping! Beauty is You.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay


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