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Simple, But Effective Monsoon Haircare Tips

        Hi beauties, today I have come again to share some useful  tips with you. Monsoon is now on full swing. Like you all I also in a very romantic mood these days. I am now in a nostalgic mood , hearing some good old melodies, nice poems and all. But getting out of this romanticism I am also worried about some practical problems . They're so many, but I am going to discuss only one problem that of hairfall.


Now hairfall has become one of the most common problem to both men and women. These are  due busy sometimes unhealthy lifestyle, excessive stress, pollution, poor diet , hormonal changes , use of chemical and hair styling products etc. Actually hairfall is very common thing. Whatever you do some hair will fall everyday. But when it falls rapidly and severely, then one must be very cautious about it. Now I am coming to the point I actually want to discuss with you , the remedies for hairfall in monsoon season.

They're very simple remedies. Now I am going to share one after another.

**Always drink plenty of water. Because water is the key source of energy for every cell of the human body including the cells those drive hair growth. It also energizer the nerve ends to enhance the natural vitality of skin and as well as hair roots. So 8 to 10 glasses of water is a must for healthy hair. If you  have spend outside for hours carry a bottle of water in your bag.

**Shampoo your hair regularly whenever you feel your hair greesy and oily with a mild herbal one. You can wash the hair with conditioner also. It can wash your hair nicely and you can use it every alternate day.

**Keep your hair dry always. Wet hair roots are so soft that they easily falls . But dry them normally, don't use hairdryer. It damages the hair most easily. But even if you have to use a hairdryer, use a lower heat and keep the dryer at least six inches from hair. Never tie the wet hair. It also a great cause of hairfall.

** Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and fruits as they are filled with vitamins and minerals. And all we know that the vitamins and minerals are so much necessary for healthy hair roots. As they energizes the cells of the body so to thone of  the scalp too. You can intake vitamin B-Complex and iron supplements, but that you can do only according to any physician's advice.

** Avoid spicy and oily foods. Say no to  junk food and street food too.

**** Now some homemade masks***

1. All of you must have fenugreek seeds in your kitchen. Take one tsp of them , keep them under sun and as they are dried up grind them . Now take two tbs of sour curd and add to fenugreek powder , soak overnight for better results. Otherwise you can use them at once on your scalp and hair, keep it for minimum half an hour. Then wash it with mild shampoo. Do it once in a week to get dandruff free ,soft and shiny hair. It will speed up your hair growth too..

2. Another one is  curd and honey mask. Take 2 tbs of curd 1 tsp of honey. Apply it on your scalp and hair and wait for half an hour,  the more the better. Shampoo with a mild herbal one. The result is same.

3.Now I am going to share you a mixture of oils those are very effective. Take a small glass bowl , pour in one tsp of each of the oils like, grapeseed oil , jojoba oil , organic coconut oil, and tea tree oil. Apply on scalp and hair. You can keep it overnight or  just 2 hours before shampooing. You can make an oil mixture by boiling organic coconut oil, fenugreek seeds, hibiscus flower petals, neem and holy basil leaves and walnut powder. Use in the above way.

Dear friends these are some of the easiest tips to get rid of hairfall and to have a spa like soft , smooth and supple hair without making any hole in your purse. But trying all these if you see hairs are falling severely, dear pretties then you must visit a doctor as that must be due to some major physical ailments. Don't ignore then.

 So at the end I wish you happy hair day. You must try all and let me know the results in the comment section.  And if you have some good remedies please share here. Bye dear. Enjoy monsoon.

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