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My first sayings

I am going to write my first blog.  The fear strikes me what to write and how to start. However when I have been here I must say something. 


In my first blog I am not going to write anything serious. If you look at the bio of my blog , you can easily understand that I am here to help you to be beautiful not only physically but from the inner core of your soul. 

Actually my passion for beauty brings me here. My effort will be to share my personal experiences, different tips and tricks to inspire and uplift you. Do you know, if you put in the effort to look good you will feel good too?

What do you expect to see here? The topics to make you feel great everyday. A little self-love, never hurts. 

  • Ensure the early start of the day. It will help you having much time for yourself. After getting fresh go for some physical activity. May it be yoga or jogging or any heavy workouts . It will wash out the toxins from your body and make you refreshed. 

  • Now, it's the time for a simple beauty routine. Clean your face with a good cleanser or face wash or make your own cleansers at home. For DIY cleansers, oats, besan, aloe vera gel and honey are proven very effective. 
  • Then apply toner (you can try any floral water or hydrosol as toners), followed by a moisturiser. 
  • Everyone should apply a moisturiser irrespective of skintype. Even an oily skin beauty also needs a moisturiser. Only, you have to pick up the one that suits your skin type and concern.
  • At daytime always use sunscreen lotion whether you are staying indoors or going out. Even on a cloudy day, an SPF is a must.
  • Every night before hitting the bed, removing makeup is mandatory. 
If you can make habits of these simple steps you will look younger and get yourself more confident to face the world.

I think I have said much. You must be getting bored now. So this much for today. I'm coming back very soon with some of my great experiences. Till then be happy and be beautiful.

Bye beauties.

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